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Text Box:   Art/Photography

  Bellak-Adams, Kerin: Secrets and Psychoanalysis: The Untold Story of a Legend, Dr. Leonard Bellak
  Fish, Kevin Redenbacher: Orville Redenbacher, Agricultural Icon At Home And Abroad:  
        A History Of The Rise Of The Popcorn King Of America 	


  Children / Juvenile
  Rubin, Linda MA: Reading a Work of Art 
  Lutz, Stuart (author of The Last Leaf, Prometheus Books): I Experienced (working title) 
  Contemporary Issues
  Cook Books / Foods
  Educational self-help
  Chuback, John A. MD, FACS: The Blueprint to Your Success Story"   
  Rosen, Candice P. R.N., B.S., M.S.W., C.H.C: F Dieting: It’s All About Data Fueling (working title) 	   

  Lange, WE: translated by the original German by Dr. Heidi Shaw; edited by Loren Pankratz, PhD: 
      Modern Swindles: A romp through early 20th century con games, frauds, and fallacies (adapted from 1912 edition,
      Moderner Schwindel)

   Boyer, C.H: Remove After Flight 

  Medical / Self-help
  Fox, Robert M. and Chris Landon, MD: Doctors & Hospitals: “Rules for Survival” (for reprint)
  Fisher, Penny: We Are More Than the Sum of Our Parts: Falling Forward, 
                                   A memoir of a true life survivor (working title)
  Nagy, Nicole: Creative Mind (“for reprint”)		
  Tabatsky, David: American Misfit
  Narrative Nonfiction
  Childs, Joan E: I Hate the Man I Love

  Popular Science
  Nicolaides, Demetris Ph.D: Nature Explained Naturally and Briefly
  Psychology / Self-help  & Addiction 
  Narasimhan, Anandhi MD: The Modern Age Challenge	

  Self-Help / Educational 
  Chuback, John A. MD, FACS: The Blueprint to your Success Story
  Self-Help / Body, Mind and Spirit 
  Childs, Joan E.C., LCSW: Staying Sane and Single 
  Childs, Joan E.C., LCSW: Life After Loss: A Journey of Eight Steps   
   Social Commentary
   Pankratz, Loren PhD: Hidden: The mysteries of nature and secrets of men
   Rosendahl, Roger W: Growing Up in Greentown

   True Crime
   Rosendahl,  Roger W: Innocent Crooks: The Watergate Prequel 
  Tabatsky, David: Write for Life